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At The Pet Spa & Boutique, pets are family, pampered with love.

-paw celebration

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Your pet deserves to be pampered!

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What Our Happy Clients Say

Exceptional work by Charlotte. She was able to handle my cat with ease and made sure she was not hurt (my cat is usually very scared and violent during grooming) by far one of the best places to get your pets groomed

Kevin Raj

Amazingly professional, helpful, and patient staff. Perfect grooming services. I tried various grooming shops for my cats; honestly, I would choose Paw Celebration every single time because of how clean (AND CALM) I receive my cats afterward. In addition to that, they have a pretty wide variety of almost all essential - and beyond essential - products for your pets, which is rare to find at a pet grooming store.

Ahmed Elsabbahy

The most kindest and patient groomers I have ever met in dubai. Abhishai and Charlotte were super gentle with my two cats, jessy and shelby. Especially knowing the fact that it was shelbys very first grooming session ever, they were super patient and gentle with him, and in the end both my cats felt very relaxed and slept all through the ride home

Magna Pinto

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Thank you for considering Paw Celebration for your pet care needs. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your furry family members and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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